Cat Days

Cat Days

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Currently in between guests, the Burnetts have been experiencing what they call, “Cat Days.”  These are the sort of days that separate the cruisers from the charterers or the daysailors. For us, “Cat Days” are days where one lies around our cat, like an old cat, along with our old cat.  If anything productive gets done, it is laundry.  And homeschool.  And maybe a little swimming.  Anticipating our upcoming return to America, on cat days Mel is familiarizing herself with current events that don’t upset her.  This doesn’t leave her much.  For example, she is looking forward to seeing the Wonder Woman movie.  Also, “Despacito (featuring Justin Bieber)” seems to be a hot song now, with Mel extracting brilliant lyrics as she cleans the heads.  Did she actually hear: “Despacito…that’s how we do it in Puerto Rico…eat a burrito???”  Geez.  The Burnetts leave the country for two years and this is what happens!  Deep thoughts like these happen on cat days.

A few days ago we crossed through an exciting narrow passage called “Current Cut” to spend our cat days at a place called “Meeks Trash Cay”  – er, I mean, Meeks Patch Cay.  This is a potentially cute little island just south of Spanish Wells.  We anchored off of a beach that was apparently a tourist destination, largely because of the huge, obviously transplanted pigs who now reside there.  Four times a day we would see tourboats deposits their customers for a whole 15 minutes while they scoured the island for pigs.  Curious, we swam ashore one evening and were frustrated to see piles of trash instead of pigs.  Old cans of oil, an old rolled-up carpet, and a corroding oven littered the beach, along with the usual plastic refuse.  Seriously, Eleuthera???  You want tourism to replace the shrinking pineapple and lobster industries, and this is how much effort you expend?

We next popped up to Spanish Wells, a cute marine-oriented town on St. George’s Cay, just off the coast of Eleuthera.  Here we will pick up our next guests!  After over a month in the out islands, our first thought on encountering Spanish Wells was, “Where did all these white people come from?”  It’s just something you notice.  Well, the partial answer is: England.  Turns out the Puritans landed here as well as America.  Mel can relate – they wanted better weather.  Unfortunately, though, the “Eleutheran Adventurers” only survived on this hot limestone chunk because of care packages from the rest of the family who left for New England.  Hey, just like us.  Can’t wait for Jeni to bring us our extra sunscreen!

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