Boredom is the Enemy at the Moment

The Burnetts are merrily getting there. Mel thinks that things have gone well with the boat lately because of all the worrying she is doing. Not about herself, of course, but about their buddy boat, ZigZag, and the entire ARC. ZigZag has had engine problems now, and the ARC is headed for a front with huge waves forecasted. We are hopefully going to outrun the front, which is why we are using our fuel-efficient “get er done” sail plan.

If anybody in the ARC read her blog before they left, one might expect to see a lot of good socks washing up in the Azores next week.

In the meantime, Mel is coping with boredom. There are only so many times one can listen to one’s sailing playlist. Also, did you know that Candy Crush is no longer fun when your brain has been in idle (with occasional bursts of activity) for a week? Mel is on the fourth book of Anne of Green Gables and if she has to read one more passage about the beauty of the trees against the moonlight (rub it in, Anne, go ahead) she is going to scream.

Boat stuff: 172 nm in 24 hrs. We are motorsailing downwind, using one engine and the jib. We are diverting a bit south to avoid both the coming front and a patch of no wind associated with a high.

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