Blog pain and sailing lessons

Blog pain and sailing lessons

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So Melinda has been ignoring her family the last couple of weekends as she sets up this blog.

It’s terrible.  They can’t stand it.  The kids have played Minecraft continuously as they have no idea what else they can possibly do in a house filled with Legos, Barbies, stuffed animals, books, crafting kits, robots, trampolines, Nerf guns, and everything that Target sells without Mommy’s help.

Setting up a blog is worse than shopping for a wedding dress.  There are too many options, and everyone is out to make money off of your ignorance.  People offer you “free” software, but then you have to give them money to actually get the software to work right.  They cleverly leave out the most useful things and then ask you for even more money.  Being extorted is so stressful.  I almost threw my computer across the room the other day.  This should not be this hard!

After several hours of pain and suffering, Mel finally decided on WordPress and found a hosting service.  She wasted a whole weekend on the Virtue theme, and then found Wildcat, which works okay.  She then spent another weekend looking for some stupid thing called a “slider”, since of course the Wildcat preview was deceptive and essentially lied about having a nice slider available on all of your pages.  But I digress…

On the up side, Greg and I are learning to sail!  We went to Northern Breezes Sailing School and got ASA certified in Basic Keelboat.  Mel found that she was especially good at the following skills: accidental gibing, accidental tacking, killing the engine, and really messing up a bowline.

Here’s Greg and I trying out our skills by ourselves on Monday.  We learned the following things: The depth of the water outside of the marked channel is 5 feet.  And we are very lucky.

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