BANG! BANG! Suddenly the floaty thingy that I was on hit another floaty thingy. There was a lot going on but I don’t know what it was because I was in my room. A little while later I was being stuffed into a bag with five others. Then stuffed into ANOTHER dark green bag with an orange bag. I felt very claustrophobic. Then there was a terrifying hand off over water to a smaller floaty thing. After a while we got to a huge orange floaty thingy where we stayed for a while and then we got to land. After a taxi ride we got to a nice hotel and I fell asleep on a chair. For the next couple of days, I was in the hotel like everyone else. But then I again was stuffed into a bag a driven to a smaller, less nice place. Where I am right now.  Here is my thing I made the describes want happened.

Being Stuffed into a Bag Repeatedly

By Poof A. Burnett

There was a lot of noise

A lot of static and stuff.

And then frantically stuffing bags

I’m very fluff

Lots of complaining and nags

Searching for something we might want to bring

To the temporary home

I’m pretty sure we got everything

Inside the bag, I roam

With my pillow and blanket by my side

I take a little nap

Time I try to bide

as I cross across the gap

on to the small floaty thing [sic: the Coast Guard dinghy]

covering my eyes

I think of all the things I bring

I hope this isn’t a bundle of lies

From the nice orange guys

I fall asleep again

To awake in a car

Oddly shaped like a den

We eat at a hotel bar

I nom owl chow

And fall asleep on a chair

I awake to something loud

They have a pool, I’m already there.

One day passes, two, three,

I’m in a bag once more

Thinking what’s going to happen to me

And if I will ever sleep in a drawer

Then I arrive at an apartment

Everything looks fine and dandy

But it smells like we are right by a sewage department

And its home to many long-legs of the daddy

But of course, we learn to cope

With small spaces and bugs

Just like we did on the boat

But as long as I get some hugs

I’ll be alright.