Back to Port!

Back to Port!

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After a smooth overnight to Bimini, the Burnetts weighed anchor the next morning and sailed quickly across the Gulf Stream, courtesy flags flying from the spreaders, as America greeted them with a burst of fireworks.

That would have been nice.

Actually, there was no wind and so we motored that last bit.  Mel did get the brilliant idea to dress ship with all of our courtesy flags we collected over the years, but they hung limply, probably absorbing the sweat that misted off our bodies.  We got in at five o’clock, but it was still daylight, and as we cruised past the people on the beach, they were obviously too hot even to wave at the only sailboat out there in the doldrums.  We spent the rest of our Fourth cowering inside Marvin, running the A/C and hiding from the no-see-ums.  I think at one point we heard a firework go off.  Or a gunshot.  Hard to tell.  We’re back in the USA, and there’s a lot of people and noises and cars all of a sudden, and Mel is edgy.

No worries, Mel will calm down.  I mean, what better way to improve one’s mood than to start packing?

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  1. Rosalyn
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    Welcome home!!
    Welcome to Missouri. I live in St Louus. If you are near St. Louis let me know. I can recommend really good restaurants.

  2. Edie Webber
    | Reply

    Hey Mel,
    If you want some help easing back into work / home on dry land contact me
    I have a lot of physician recruiter personal contacts and a lease with right to purchase program that will allow you to select a home to lease now that comes with the option to purchase later.
    If you want to work your way back to Texas we would love to have you!
    Not that it would compensate but we have a great little Sailing Club on Lake Grapevine. (Dallas)

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