Here is a list of some of the things we did to prep for our first Atlantic crossing:

  1. Re-inflated two popped fenders (we ended up replacing one)
  2. Changed out engine alternators for Electromaax 160 amp brushless marine alternators.
  3. Rewired boat for new alternators (this has something to do with 12V systems needing bigger wire than 24V systems and involves Greg saying, “If they had just gone with 24V in the first place…” over and over again.)
  4. Learned our fancy AGM engine batteries were almost depleted, the warranty was no longer valid as they were already a year old when we got the boat (but it was new!), and bought cheap lead acid ones instead
  5. Replaced halyard with Dyneema halyard
  6. Inspected mast and de-corroded screws on the way down the mast
  7. Re-screwed in all of the little screws in our sail slides that were coming out and scratching the mast.
  8. Had a tatter in the jib Sunbrella repaired
  9. Secured block for mainsail leech line
  10. Replaced bilge float switches AGAIN with Jabsco pneumatic ones this time.
  11. Fixed owner’s head (Mel’s hair (which is sentient, by the way) had screwed up macerator, and an O-ring blew out.)
  12. Stocked up on watermaker filters for a year
  13. Learned our Evo stove was set up for butane, not propane, which explains why it took 45 minutes to get to 400 degrees. Fixed that.  Wow!  Should’ve complained earlier instead of assuming that all boat ovens suck!  Replaced broken fire starter button on stovetop.
  14. Took 4 bags of stuff to Goodwill and sold musical instruments we never played.
  15. Put the MiniCat 420 on consignment at Sailorman in Ft. Lauderdale. A little cat is a little too much to haul around when you have a big cat!
  16. Cleaned out all storage compartments, swearing a lot, as per previous post.
  17. Procured two 52-gallon Nautos gasoline bladders.
  18. Topped off our two propane tanks.
  19. Serviced one out of three winches. More to come.  Almost lost a bearing.  Did you know they don’t sell spare bearings in the Lewmar EVO winch maintenance kits?  Mel has enough pawl springs to last thirty years, though.  Frustrated sigh…
  20. Got hydrogenerator working (hopefully)
  21. Updated crucial software via sweet Starbucks broadband.
  22. Downloaded multiple books and audiobooks for entertainment
  23. Fixed leaking galley sink
  24. Added water heater generator/inverter switches
  25. Updated Marvin decals, which had faded and peeled in the sun
  26. Downloaded Garmin Bluechart and charts onto Tommy’s iPad and prepped it for a lightning strike. Stored it with USB cord and 12V charger.  Greg laughed at Mel.  Mel stuck out tongue at Greg.  “You will thank me…”
  27. Bought PredictWind 1 year subscription.
  28. Had inside and outside of boat detailed. Woo-hoo!  Our leather cushions clean up with a strong degreaser and then Magic Eraser.  Who knew?
  29. Replaced corroded SSB antenna
  30. Got Cerberus spot locator working (see post)
  31. Updated clothing, to include long underwear in case we have to go North.
  32. Provisioned for 4 weeks at sea
  33. Changed fuel filters and checked impellers