Atlantic Crossing Summary

Atlantic Crossing Summary

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So we have rested a bit and had time to contemplate our crossing.  This post features a really long video.  For those willing to stick it out, you will have a sense of what it is like to cross the Atlantic.  Just watch it 1836 more times to equal how long it actually lasted.  Allie’s commentary: “The video is good, Mommy, but you sound exhausted.”

Here’s some stats, for those interested:

Time Offshore
Avg Speed
May 5-11
Florida to Bermuda  
921 nm 
5 days 18 hrs
6.7 kts
May 13-24
Bermuda to Faial, Azores 
1792 nm 
10 days 19 hrs
6.9 kts
May 28-29
Faial to Sao Miguel
145 nm
21 hrs 
6.9 kts
June 4-9 
Azores to Portugal
829 nm
5 days 4 hrs
6.7 kts
May 5-June 9
Florida to Portugal
3687 nm
22 days 14 hrs
6.8 kts

Boom hangar  (Welding problem)
Mainsheet winch  (User error)
Parasailor blowout  (User error (Sheeted too tight? Up in too rough conditions?), plus spinnakers are just fragile)
Hydrogenerator failure (Sending back to factory, if they ever get back to us)
1 fouled prop with giant fishing line, cleared
Dometic fridge got pooped, stopped working, working now it is dried out
Generator impeller was fried somehow and needed changing, done in Bermuda
Generator cooling line broke and was fixed when at anchor in Bermuda

Lessons learned:
We got up to 18 kts surfing the waves before we deployed the warp, which slowed us down during the surfing but didn’t impact our overall speed so much.  Warps also help reduce turning to weather and therefore help the autopilot — our main use for them now.
Gibe preventers, while not entirely necessary due to the mainsheet bridle system, help secure the boom better so it’s less bouncy
Motoring at 1700 rpm resonates the cabin; pick another rpm
Putting three turns in the jib when going downwind helps stop the jib flopping between 150 and 180 degrees
Putting the first reef in at 18 kts apparent instead of 20 makes for an easier ride
Reefing the main when going way downwind doesn’t cost you much because it allows you to move it closer to the spreaders
iPhone charging cables can’t handle saltwater at all
Bungees are actually useful
Mel provisions with too many snacks
You should really test out a new TV Series first before using up all of your data and downloading a whole season on your iPad
You should download a walkthrough of any adventure games before you don’t have internet anymore
Seasickness really does disappear after 3 days, but it comes back if you are more than three days on land
Don’t expect to bond with the other person if you are double-handed; you hardly see them
Mel can be irrationally scared for days at a time and not die
Greg and Mel (and Marvin!) can survive hand-steering in 2 hour shifts in 18 ft seas and 40 kts of wind!

What kind of box holds a spinnaker? This kind. Off to Germany with you!
What kind of box holds a spinnaker? This kind. Off to Germany with you, Parasailor!


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  1. Robert
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    Fantastic Video. Thank you for taking the time to put that together and sharing. I REALLY enjoyed watching it. Living (my) dream.

    • Mel
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      Glad you liked it!

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