An Ode to Marvin

An Ode to Marvin

Things are coming along!  Marvin’s fate currently is in the hands of multiple shipping companies.  Despite the disparate origins of our parts, they all seem to end up in the same unmarked white van for local delivery.  This somehow works out in the end, as Marvin’s engines have arrived, and his rudders are on their way.  Unfortunately, we have learned that FedEx for some reason won’t deliver paint to Spain, and MaxProp is a frustrating company to deal with.  We were supposed to get our props by Monday, and it sounds like they haven’t even been shipped yet.  Mel has made a new slogan for MaxProp: “Maximizing your boat’s performance…eventually.”

Mel is becoming nostalgic for the days spent relaxing on Marvin, floating in clear blue water 15 feet above the glittering sand.  It is still a bit cold here in the Canaries for her, as their apartment is high up a shady, windy mountain, and so sometimes she pulls out a pair of shorts and just gazes at it wistfully.  She has also been reading her own blog A LOT.  Tellingly, her dinner-cooking playlists, such as, “Hawaiian”, “Caribbean”, “Sailing”, or “Uke Music”, have been replaced with just one playlist: “Cheese Factory.”  You see, for some reason, when you have a boat on the hard, especially one you put there because of major damage, you gravitate toward sappy, soft rock hits.  We are talking about a lot of Bublé, people.  Sitting there alone in the boatyard with his bare butt hanging out for all to see, Marvin must feel betrayed, but Mel hopes the giants of easy listening will heal his wounds.  And Global Nautic Services, of course.  So here is Mel’s “Ode to Marvin”:

  1. Engelbert Humperdinck – Quando, quando, quando‏ will Marvin be able to get back in the water??? When he does, we hope he will have Englebert’s smooth moves.
  2. Billy Joel – The Longest Time Because this is taking FOREVER.  Oh, and this video is AWESOME.  Only Billy Joel can make a harmony group wearing business suits look cool.  And one of the dudes in this video looks like Bobcat Goldthwait. 
  3. Harry Nilsson – Without You We are just not the same without our boat!  And the new Vacation is an awesome movie.  It stands on its own.
  4. Michael Bolton – How Am I Supposed To Live Without You Really, it’s getting desperate.  Marvin should be comforted by Michael’s sailory hair.
  5. Air Supply – All Out Of Love “I’m so lost without you.”  Yes, the roads on Gran Canaria are way harder to navigate than the seas.  I think they took all of the C-student civil engineers in Spain and shipped them to Gran Canaria.  Think this is harsh?  Try to go to Leroy Merlin (a “big box” hardware store) sometime in a timely manner.  Not harsh.
  6. Michael Bublé – I Believe in You A very apropos song with some words of encouragement for Marvin. Marvin loves his Bublé.
  7. Billy Joel – Just the Way You Are Just in case Marvin gets a complex now that he is temporarily not the prettiest boat in the harbor. Not long now, Marvin!
  8. Stevie Wonder – You Are the Sunshine of My Life Marvin really is the only way Mel ever gets any sunshine. And she wants her sunshine.  (BTW, Mel is pleased that the bump recently extracted from her nose by a very cute Spanish dermatologist at San Roques Hospital was benign.)
  9. Bryan Adams – Please Forgive Me Marvin, we are so sorry we ripped your rudders off on that fish farm. And for about 12 hours, until the sun rose, we knew not what we did…
  10. Coldplay – Fix You The ultimate rescue-at-sea song. “Lights will guide you home.”  Like the lights on the giant Coast Guard boat.  Don’t worry, Marvin!  You’ll be good as new soon!  (Actually, he’ll be even better, with brand new engines…)  Of course, we finish this list off with a good cry.

Finally, for those who are following our serial mystery story, The Aquatic Adventures of the Amazing Marvin, we have Chapter 2: The Journey Begins.

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  1. Kylie Mottl
    | Reply

    So glad to hear things are coming along! We think of you guys so often and as always wish you were here in the blue sea. We are in Antigua-next phase begins. Mike started work today and it’s me and the kids on a mooring in Falmouth Harbour. That dinghy driving of mine is gonna be oh so good shortly! Love your sense of humour- can only imagine how far it’s been tested of late. Please give our love to Ally and Greg and Tommy, although I’m tipping Tommy isn’t so interested in our love. Hats off to you Mel, you are a trooper. Will play some of your playlist and dance alone in the saloon and tribute to you and your strength!

    • Mel
      | Reply

      Excited for you guys–Antigua is on our list! We will see each other shortly so we can show off our moves together!

  2. Jon Carr
    | Reply

    Marvin is Looking good, he will be seaworthy before you know it.

    Our trip to the Windwards went well. We did get a new boat the first day however. Our initial boat had a binding rudder post on the starboard rudder. It had been neglected for some time. The autopilot was overcoming significant load thru the helm and wore out the bearing at the helm. I could move the helm side to side or up and down with many degrees of slop. So much so the autopilot chain fell off of the sprocket on the back side of the helm while underway. I was able to find a mooring at the Pitons and Moorings had a local mechanic come look at the boat, his diagnosis was “it’s bad”. Moorings had a brand new 2017 4800 and sent it down to us immediately. It’s name was Hull #206. I made a visit to customs in Sourfriere at 9:00pm to transfer the boat papers for check out to new boat. We did not miss a lick with the quick response from Moorings. The rest of the week was uneventful, I had hoped for some more sporty winds, but I’m sure some of my crew was grateful for less stressful conditions. Next trip is the the BVI in November on another L48.

    • Mel
      | Reply

      What an adventure with that first boat! Glad to hear Moorings was so responsive, as we see ourselves being fellow Moorings charterers in the future. We loved the BVI; so many great anchorages and mooring fields! We have really missed that in the Med, where good anchorages are rare…

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