This is where Allie will post her thoughts on our trip!

Happy Fourth!
Happy Fourth!


Here is also where you can find the link to Allie’s Presentations.  These are the reports she had to do for school about many of the countries we visited.

July 15, 2015: right now we are in Jamaica which is south of cuba the trip was pretty awful and i barfed a lot but it was worth it because Jamaica is so awesome theres no mosquitos here but there a lot of extra work because i had to write a five paragraph essay about Jamaica Jamaica is poor so the stores are a lot different then Cub there very small with no air conditioning and the floor is damaged but today we did somthing fun it called river rafting where you pay people money and they put a guide on a raft thats made of bamboo and theres this special couch thing that you sit on and they take you down this big that it takes two and a half hours to get around and you can tell the guide when ever you want to go swimming you can there this slime thing at the botton that feels like very heavy carpet and theres this jumping rock thats about six or seven feet up that can jump off of I went on it three times Tommy went on it zero times after a while the guide invited me to try and paddle about a quarter down the the guide i slip of and flell into the and it was cold so technically I tripped fell and hurt myself lol then Tommy tried and he did pretty when intil he got us suck on a rock and the guide had to set us free anyway did you know that we had a lot of money into Jamaican dollars one in our money is a hundred in theres and tomorrow we are going on a mini sail boat for fun being in is fun and all but I would rather be with my friends at home

Aug 17, 2015: Right now I’m in Cartagena and I got to see Joanna and her family and I met this nice family that speaks English and they live in a apartment building with a pool so we swam there for a whole day! Then we took them on on are boat for the weekend to nice clear water and swam there and we have are own jumping point that’s about fourteen feet high and we can jump off it! Also we when snorkeling and saw twelve cuttelfish!

September 2, 2015:


On the waves we sail
Our boat loud, big, beautiful
Santa Marta is here!

Ocean green and blue
Wildlife pretty, graceful, and true
On our boat we sail

Nature’s trees sway
The wind blows gently, calmly
Spring time has come here

Sept 6, 2015:  I started school in August! And my school is worst then Bridgewater we don’t do any fun protects like boosterthon. And this is our order: Math, Social Studies  English, Science and Other which is either Art, Oceanography, Videography, Philosophy, Spanish, Spelling, Typing and computers programming and no skittle game! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and I have to study for test in order to get Nerds.

September 17, 2015: I will tell you my Adventure. First we agree to go to Minca for a couple of days. Then we hiked up this really tall mountain to a Chocolate Farm. In the end we slept in a place with so many bug and so hard beds and Moths Landed on Me AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Then the next day we DROVE to a place with a waterfall that we could swim in. We drove this time because last time when we hiked to the farm my butt was sore for days! When we got to the waterfall the water was freezing cold but we went in it anyway. Hey, I wanted to swim! Then I was too happy when we got back to the boat.

October 4, 2015:  Gypsy is doing fine. We decided not to throw her overboard. For Halloween I plan to be a bunny because its simple and I all ready have the ears! We just got to Aruba and when we came here it was so calm and the pills worked so well I didnt get nauseous watching T.V.  

October 11, 2015:  Allie made this:

Allie and her doll. Project Runway, here she comes!
Allie and her doll. Project Runway, here she comes!

December 5, 2015:  Allie makes this video for her friends: Allie’s Boat Tour

March 2016:  Ok, this is my first blog post because I never really was interested before. AND THE ONLY REASON I’M DOING THIS IS BECAUSE IT IS AN ENGLISH CLASS PROJECT! Ok, now that we got that covered, I’ll tell you about my life on a boat. Boat life for a kid can either be fun or hard, so I think the best way to tell you are lists:


There’s not that many kids to play with.
School is taught by your parents.
Sometimes you have to take cold showers.
After a rough underway trip, you have to clean the boat which takes FOREVER!
You’re really hot the first 6 months.


When you find kids you sometime have short school or no school at all.
You get to swim whenever you want if you are at anchorage or a mooring.
When you go on a rough underway trip, when there’s a big wave and the boat’s in the air you can jump up and you go REALLY HIGH!
You get fresh coconuts.
You can jump from the top of your boat.

Now, the list brings me to school. School is Math, Social Studies, English, Science and Elective. That’s usually Art, Computer Programming, Oceanography, Philosophy, Gym or Meditation. So the category elective seems pretty awesome but we almost never do it. Normally, we just do Philosophy.

Jan 2017:  Allie writes a story and poem about the rescue from Poof’s perspective, here.