All Crated Up and Ready to Go

All Crated Up and Ready to Go

We hear that a lot these days.  Our bottom paint has been given that status for a couple of weeks now, as apparently paint is deemed a “hazardous material” to fly across an ocean. Other items are listed as being in Madrid at the moment.  I bet the folks in Madrid are having a great time guessing the purpose of all of those crates for “The Amazing Marvin.”  On the upside, MaxProp has regained our loyalty, and our props should arrive early next week.

You what else is “all crated up and ready to go?” Mel.  Yep.  Ready to go.

Mel is spending a lot of time avoiding the present.  She is dreaming about the future, and recently she has been looking to the past.  To cheer herself up, she has gone through some of her favorite pictures so far of the trip, and one of her favorites is above.  Sunset on a beach, a beautiful boat in the background, a little girl skipping stones…does it get any better than that?

Mel is staying busy, though.  While Greg is busy emailing and calling, she’s racked up over 30 hours of CME (continuing medical education) this month.  Also, for those following Marvin’s adventures, here is the latest installment: Chapter 3: Introducing Chief Al.

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  1. Edie Webber
    | Reply

    Hello Mel and Marvin, and the Brave Burnetts!
    Thank you Mel for documenting your amazing voyage.
    I came across your blog while on you were on your rant about the demands of the health care system on Drs.
    I was looking for content to post as I market to Health Care Staffing people (I am a realtor / relo company).
    I immediately forgot about the “work” I was supposed to be doing and was drawn into your family’s life at sea as you tapped into my passionate unfilled desire: life at sea on on a catamaran. My screen saver photo looks exactly like Marvin taking a break just offshore of some forgotten island. I see this every time I open my laptop to begin my day. What is this inner need to “sail away?”
    My life is pretty damn good. I live in Texas, have a wonderful home, horses, land, family, and husband. Yet there is a sailer that lives in me and wants to be on the water. I have binged on almost all of your posts over the past few hours and will continue to soak up every detail you leak out. The wind is really picking up outside, blowing the cushions off the outdoor chairs, making the pipe wind chimes really obnoxious, and sending debris into the pool. Yet I think of you the waves and Marvin. Thank you for sharing your stories.

    • Mel
      | Reply

      I understand the call of the sea! Oh, you have to blog if you go out there! I will be returning to the rat race, unfortunately, and will need well-written blogs to keep my spirits up!

  2. Ken Nellis
    | Reply

    Progress is being made! You will be on the high seas soon. Love the pics!

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