A Confused Goose, and Mel Consults the Oracle

A Confused Goose, and Mel Consults the Oracle

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The Burnetts have been hopping along the Greek coast in the Gulf of Corinth on the way to the Corinth Canal.  Based on local recommendations, we stopped just for a few hours near the beautiful town of Nafpaktos and ambled up the cobblestone streets to check out its castle.  We then continued onto the island of Trizonia, which is an interesting place.

The marina at Trizonia has been “abandoned,” which means that no one appears to be running the place and there are many unmanned boats docked there.  However, there is also a community of serious liveaboards hanging out, as the lack of water and electricity scares off the charterers.  Trizonia is a cool little place, with lovely cafes and even a ferry that will take you across the gulf so you can find a grocery store.  Lots of people winter here, and we even met some Brits for the first time since Lagos!

As we explored Trizonia, we came upon a giant goose who was apparently involved in a heated argument with a boat.  We later learned his name was Pedro, and he apparently lost his soulmate a while ago and decided he would be satisfied with pairing off with a lonely catamaran instead.  We can only guess he honked his poor late wife to death.

We are currently in another abandoned marina in Itea, with plenty of room to dock side-to.  The quirk here is that there are giant blowholes along the breakwater that make quite a racket.  From Itea we consulted the Oracle at Delphi.  Yes, the Actual Oracle.  Mel asked it, “How do we minimize the medical bureaucracy in America so that it is fun to practice medicine again?”  The Pythia, whom only Mel could see of course, inhaled the stench of rotting snake flesh, then replied in her classic dactylic hexameter:

Melinda should be the one in the driver’s seat.  Rock to my music now.

(Lyre solo.)

So there you go!

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  1. Kavas sailing holidays
    | Reply

    Hi Burnetts!
    I hope you enjoyed your holidays in Greece. I noticed you have visited Delphi, Milos, Santorini, Crete. So good!.
    Although there are much more awesome places to see in Greece, you’ve got a good smell about our country.
    If you get back some day, we’ll be glad to meet you in Athens
    Fair winds!
    E. Kavas

    • Mel
      | Reply

      Yes, we definitely will be back some day! Loved it there!

  2. Khalid Hassan
    | Reply

    What a nice place to go&burry heads from this crazy unforgiving work of a medic

  3. Georgie Moon
    | Reply

    I enjoyed your post, we have been to all those places in our yacht Fandancer, too! Looking forward to the next instalment…..

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